Mouvement Deluxe, a humorous web series that definitely won’t make you a better person!




Categories Web Series , Fictions, Animation

01. Challenge

With this project, we wanted to create a series in our own image: audacious, funny and addictive. We also wanted to reach a large online audience in an organic way in order to build a web community around the project. Hard-core fans of American cartoons, we wanted to create something unique in Quebec.

02. Strategy

The watchword? Surprise! We banked on a crude and comedic tone paired with a non-linear narrative structure that made it possible to watch any episode, any time. We created a colourful universe and captivating puppets, knowing full well that this would pique the viewer’s curiosity immediately. As for distribution, we opted for a highly decentralized approach, making the project available on several platforms simultaneously, which enabled us to derive the most from each. We wanted to reach our audience wherever it might be and, most of all, make sharing the videos as easy as possible.

03. Results

To date, only the pilot has been aired. Viewed over 75,000 times in its first month online, it also generated 1,000 likes on Facebook. Launched at the same time as the pilot, the Facebook page attracted over 2,000 subscribers in less than a month.


Jean-Philippe Baril-Guérard

Catherine Brunet
Pierre-Yves Cardinal

Patrick Evans
Guy Nadon

Gabriel D’Almeida Freitas
Patrick Evans
Mathieu Handfield
Simon Lacroix

Mathieu Handfield


Johannie Deschambault

Director of photography
Maurice Vadeboncoeur

Art Directors
Marie-Pier Fortier
Clélia Brissaud
Alexandre Paquet

Sound Recording & Mixing

Michael Binette


Rémi Fréchette