This web documentary, produced with funding support from TV5, features folks whose lives have been profoundly touch by karaoke. Each short episode provides a glimpse into a hero’s life, secrets and, most importantly, dreams.

Categories Web Series , Documentaries

01. Challenge

First, we had to find the right audience that included karaoke fans. We wanted to present a strong and deep documentary vision while at the same time meeting the expectations of an impatient online audience hungry for novelty.

02. Strategy

The first step was to build a community around karaoke on social media networks. By hosting outdoor karaoke events in Montreal parks, we managed to generate interest for the series and make sure that we had a large fan base for our content. Research for the documentaries hinged on finding individuals with strong, distinctive personalities. We took a dynamic approach to episode development that focused on one featured individual at a time.

03. Results

In only a few weeks, Héros de karaoké attracted a community 500 strong on Facebook. As soon as the series launched, it piqued the public’s attention and earned rave reviews from well-known media online and off including Radio-Canada, Nightlife, Urbania, the print daily Métro and MTL Blog.

Producer & Director
Patrick Bilodeau

Hugo Desjardins Sémillant

Director of Photography
Max Pouliot

Sound Recording
Steven Ouellet

Guyaume Robitaille

Web Strategist
Frédérik-Toran Nissen