An interactive video clip of the song "3 Months” by Shay Lia with the musical participation of Kaytranada. The clip tells the story of a love affair in three stages set in three visual moods.

Categories Music Videos , Platform, Interactive

01. Challenge

A new musical talent, Shay wanted to boost her reputation and create a distinctive clip.

02. Strategy

More than just a stock video clip, "3 Months” is an interactive platform. We created an experience that allows the audience to alter the clip in real time. In this way, we fostered an active listening experience by involving the audience in the creation of Shay’s piece.

03. Results

The video has garnered more the 25,000 views, an increase of roughly 1,000 views per week as well as some media mentions.

Sabah-Meriem Feroukhi
Luca Asselin



Director of Photography
Jessica Lee Gagné

Art Director
Jean-Christophe Meunier

Sound Recording
Maxime Dumesnil

Interactive Integration
Avant-Garde Solutions